Why open source?

The term open-source often refers to software which is free and available for modification and redistribution. However, to us open-source means much more. We choose to be open-source because we support the principles of open exchange, active collaboration, rapid prototyping, transparency and community-oriented development.

Nodedge is open-source because it aims to share knowledge! This is our central credo and drives our product growth and relevance.

Nodedge’s Philosophy on Open Source

As engineers and professionals, we think that open source is the unique viable structure of a modern software company that serves fast development cycles. You want to know why?


Open source code can be accessed by any developer and changed to their specific needs, use cases and objectives. Their modifications can be made available to the entire community and innovations can propagate at a click of a mouse. A feature is missing for your application? Help us coding it!


Open source code can be consulted anytime anywhere. The code is visible and reviewable by developers from all around the globe, making vulnerabilities easier to be spotted. Opening to the public view incentivizes security and transparency.


Open source code is the fruit of the active collaboration of the community. It fosters the growth a fertile environment where to communicate and exchange ideas. It also helps with staff retention and onboarding new team members.


Open source encourages users to learn through experience, as opposite to trial model of closed source software. Every user can learn at their own rhythm and enjoy the feedback and support of the community to grow faster.

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